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About SimplyTough™

How it Works:

SimplyTough Metal Buildings come in several styles and range in sizes up to 8,000 square feet to design and build what you want.  We will partner with you to design and customize a durable, quality metal building to meet your specifications and budget. 


Input Project Specifications

Your Dealer will partner with you to design your building using a modern metal building software.  In one sitting, you can design your new metal building and receive an instant quote.

Engineering Plans Provided

Dealer provides engineering plans and construction permit drawings with foundation drawings for submittal to your county office.


Metal Products are Manufactured

Metal roof, siding, and components are custom made by a trusted manufacturer with over 45 years of experience in high quality metal products.

Custom Products are Delivered to Job Site

Products are delivered directly to the job site for installation.

Assembly Begins

The Dealer can provide a list of qualified metal building installers or you can install it yourself.

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SimplyTough™ Information

SimplyTough™ Metal


 Metal Panels

Built to last, our metal buildings are designed with durable, classic metal roof and siding panels in 26 ga or 29 ga. 

Building Types


There are so many to choose from:

Gable, Gambrel, American Barn, Mezzanine and more. To view them: 

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Key Components


 Structural Systems

Our metal buildings are built with a durable cold-formed steel framing with G90 galvanized coating.

Colors & Finishes


Colors & Finishes

Our metal buildings are available in two high performance Dura Tech™ SMP paint systems in a range of colors. 

Informational Video


Questions? Watch this Informational Youtube video:


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The most frequently asked  customer questions, and answers.

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